B-4/148. Commemorative medal in honor of Bach, Händel and Schütz (1985)


Three busts to the right  in a row: Bach, Händel, Schütz

BACH-HÄNDEL-SCHÜTZ-EHRUNG / DER DDR / 1985 [In honor of Bach-Haendel-Schutz German Democratic Republic]


KULTURBUND / DER / DDR / BEZIRKSMÜNZAUSSTELLUNG / 1985 / WEISSENFELS [Cultural Association of GDR Local coin exhibition in Weissenfels]

Coat of arms


Article: B-4/148
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1985
Country: Germany
Mint: Zella-Mehlis
Designer: KÖNIG Helmut
Metal: Copper
Diameter: 42,0 mm

Reference: Niggl #4106