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HAMZA (H-16)

06/03/1889, Kokand, Russian Empire - 18/03/1929, Shakhimardan, Uzbek Republic, USSR

Uzbek poet, playwright, composer and public figure. He studied at a madrasah. He organized a free school for the poor and taught there. In 1899 he began writing poetry, and in 1916-1919 he published seven collections of poems. After the October Revolution, he taught in Kokand and Fergana, organized a traveling theater troupe, and worked as an employee of the political department of the Turkestan Front and Regional Political Education. Author of popular dramatic works, as well as several dozen songs (much of what he wrote has not survived). Collecting folk songs in various regions of Uzbekistan, he performed them on national instruments. In 1926 he created the first orphanage in the USSR, which was later named after him (Khojeyli). Brutally murdered by religious fanatics. People's Poet of the Uzbek SSR (1926).

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