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HALMOS Bela (H-15)

04/06/1946, Szombathely, Hungary – 18/07/2013, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian violinist, folk musician, folk music researcher, music teacher, one of the initiators of the Hungarian instrumental folk music and dance hall movement. Since 1990 he has been the leader of the Kalamajka band. He taught as a candidate of music sciences at the Folk Music Department of the Academy of Music, was a senior scientific associate of the Hungarian Cultural Institute, organized and operated the Instrumental Folk Music Research Group with OTKA support, and he initiated the organization of the Táncház Archive, of which he later served as its leader. In his free time, he also takes on dance hall movement and social tasks. He played a prominent role in the fact that in November 2011, the Hungarian dance hall method was added to the UNESCO list of intellectual cultural heritage.

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