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HAGAUDZH Magometh (H-3)


An outstanding Adyghe harmonist, composer and improviser of dance tunes, an excellent singer, the first Adyghe composer. His name has become a household name for every virtuoso musician - pshchynao. “He plays like Khagauj” - this is what they say today about every folk musician with high performing skills. The name Khagauja is covered with so many legends, stories and stories that have turned into parables that sometimes he seems to be a man out of time, a kind of mythological character who has been playing since time immemorial, although playing the harmonica began to spread in Adygea about 150 years ago. His melodies and tunes were recorded on gramophone records in 1911-1913; Some of these records have survived to this day, becoming exceptional rarities. More than 50 tunes and melodies have been collected. Half of them are stored in London, Tbilisi, Vyatka and other cities.

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