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GUILLOU Jean (G-97)

18/04/1930, Angers, France - 26/01/2019, Paris, France

French organist, pianist and composer. Even before receiving any systematic musical education, the 12-year-old Guillou began working as an organist at the Church of Saint-Serge in Angers. In 1945-1955, he studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Marcel Dupre, Maurice Duruflet and Olivier Messiaen. In 1955-1958, Jean Guillou taught at the Institute of Church Music in Lisbon, in 1958-1963 he worked in Berlin, and since 1963 he has been a full-time organist of the Paris Cathedral of St. Eustace (Saint-Eustache). Guillou's works as a composer are dominated by organ works, both solo and with orchestra (seven concertos for organ and orchestra) and in an ensemble. He also wrote three symphonies, concertos for piano and trombone with orchestra, chamber music. Among the arrangements for the organ made by Guillou, Mussorgsky's "Pictures from the exhibition" occupy a special place. Guillou is also the author of the three-edition book "Organ: Past and Future" (fr. "L'orgue, Souvenir et Avenir"). Jean Guillou was a widely performing virtuoso organist with a special taste for concert improvisation. 

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