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GRUSHIN Valeriy (G-91)

23/10/1944, Mozdok, USSR - 29/08/1967, Uda river, USSR

Performer of bard songs. He graduated with honors from high school, was fond of hiking, composed and performed songs to the accompaniment of a guitar. In 1961 he entered the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute named after. S.P. Korolev, organized the popular trio “Singing Beavers”. He died during a hiking trip along the Siberian Uda River, saving drowning people. In 1968, the first festival of tourist songs in memory of V. Grushin took place (Kuibyshev, now Samara, region), organized by his friends and classmates. Subsequently, the Grushinsky festival (thematically - author's and bard songs) gained great popularity, and successfully exists to this day.

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