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GRANADOS Eneique (G-69)

27/07/1867, Lerida, Spain — 24/03/1916, La Manche

a Spanish composer of classical music, and concert pianist from Catalonia, Spain. His most well-known works include Goyescas, the Spanish Dances [es], and María del Carmen. Granados was a significant influence on at least two other famous Spanish composers and musicians, Manuel de Falla and Pablo Casals. He was also the teacher of composer Rosa García Ascot. Granados wrote piano music, chamber music (a piano quintet, a piano trio, music for violin and piano), songs, zarzuelas, and an orchestral tone poem based on Dante's Divine Comedy. Many of his piano compositions have been transcribed for the classical guitar; examples include Dedicatoria, Danza No. 5, and Goyescas. He perished after German torpedo attack on the passenger ferry SS Sussex for Dieppe, France returning from US tour via England. 

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