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GLIERE Reingold (G-47)

11/01/1875, Kiev, Russian Empire - 23/06/1956, Moscow, USSR

Russian and Soviet composer, conductor, teacher, public figure. Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (1900, composition class of M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, harmony course of A.S. Arensky and G.E. Konyus, polyphony course of S.I. Taneyev). In the early 1900s, he participated in the meetings of the famous "Belyaevsky circle" in St. Petersburg." He taught theoretical disciplines at the Moscow Gnessin Music School, among his students are N.Ya. Myaskovsky and S.S. Prokofiev. Since 1910 he regularly performed as a conductor. Since 1913 – Professor (since 1914 – director) Kiev Conservatory composition class (among the students – B.N. Lyatoshinsky et al.). In 1920-1941 – professor of the Moscow Conservatory in the class of composition. R. Glier's musical heritage is great and diverse in genres. He made the greatest contribution to the development of Russian symphonism. The distinctive features of R. Glier's symphonic works are the monumentality of images, vivid picturesqueness, coloristic sophistication. He is the author of 5 operas, 5 ballets (including the first Soviet ballet "Red Poppy", 1927), symphonic works: 3 symphonies, concerts with orchestra for harp (1938), for voice (1943), for cello (1947), for French horn (1951), symphonic poems and program overtures, as well as chamber-instrumental and vocal compositions. The author of the music of the anthem of St. Petersburg. Doctor of Art History (1941). People's Artist of the USSR (1938), winner of the Stalin Prize (1946, 1948, 1950). Name of R.M. Gliera was awarded to the Kiev Institute of Music and several music schools (Moscow, Kaliningrad, Tashkent, Markneukirchen, Alma-Ata).

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