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GLEASON Jackie (G-46)

26/02/1916, New York, USA - 24/06/1987, Lauderhill, Florida, USA

American actor, comedian, writer, and composer known affectionately as "The Great One". He developed a style and characters from growing up in Brooklyn, New York and was known for his brash visual and verbal comedy, exemplified by his city bus driver character Ralph Kramden in the television series "The Honeymooners". He also developed The Jackie Gleason Show, which maintained high ratings from the mid-1950s through 1970. The series originated in New York City, but filming moved to Miami Beach, Florida in 1964 after Gleason took up permanent residence there. Gleason enjoyed a prominent secondary music career during the 1950s and 1960s, producing a series of best-selling "mood music" albums. His first album Music for Lovers Only still holds the record for the longest stay on the Billboard Top Ten Charts (153 weeks), and his first 10 albums sold over a million copies each. His output spans more than 20 singles, nearly 60 long-playing record albums, and over 40 CDs.

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