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GERBERT Martin (G-29)

11/08/1720, Horb am Neckar, Württemberg — 13/05/1793, St.Blasien, Baden-Württemberg

German theologian, historian and writer on music. He was educated at Freiburg im Breisgau, at Klingnau in Switzerland and at the Benedictine St. Blaise's Abbey in the Black Forest, where in 1737 he took the vows. In 1744 he was ordained priest, and immediately afterwards appointed professor, first of philosophy and later of theology. His works in the field of church music and Catholic liturgics are of the greatest importance. With the writing "On Singing and Sacred Music ..." (De cantu et musica sacra ..., 1774) Herbert laid the foundation for the musical medieval studies of Modern times. For music historians for many years, his three—volume anthology "Ecclesiastical Writers on Sacred Music ..." was of particular value, in which Herbert placed all the most important musical treatises of the Middle Ages and partly of late antiquity.

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