G-53/1b. 60 years anniversary of Riedel Singer Society foundation commemorative silver medal (1914)


DR.GEORG GÖHLER - 1897-1907.1909-13

Half-lenght portrait to the left

Medallist's name at right: A.THIELE



CARL RIEDEL GRVNDER DES RIEDELVEREINS 1854-1888 H.KRETZSCHMAR 1888-1897 [Carl Rider, founder of Riedel Singing Society...]

Two busts to the right

Medallist's initials and date at the cut of the shoulder: AL 1914

Article: G-53/1a
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1914
Country: Germany
Designer: THIELE Alfred (1886 – 1957), LENNERT Adolf (1862-1948)
Metal: Silver
Diameter: 39,0 mm
Weight: 33,82 g

Est. Value: $140