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07/02/1878, St.Petersbourg, Russia — 14/09/1936, Detroit, USA

Russian-born American pianist, conductor and composer. He studied the piano and composition at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, with Anton Rubinstein, Anatoly Lyadov, Alexander Glazunov and ...

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GADE Niels (G-2)

22/02/1817, Copenhagen, Danemark — 21/12/1890, same place

Danish composer, conductor, violinist, organist and teacher. Together with Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann, he was the leading Danish musician of his day. He began his career as a violinist with ...

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GAGEUR Eugen (G-3)

03/12/1848, Seebach, Baden - 23/11/1899 in Karlsruhe, Germany

German music teacher, composer and organist. From 1874 Eugen Gageur worked in the capital and residence city of Karlsruhe as organist and choir director at the Catholic city church of St. Step...

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GAGNEBIN Henri (G-4)

12/03/1886, Liege, Belgium – 02/06/1977, Geneva, Switzerland

Belgian-born Swiss composer. He studied the piano with Auguste Laufer and harmony with Justin Bischoff. In 1905, he spent eight months in Berlin, where he studied compositi...

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02/04/1928, Paris, France - 02/03/1991, same place

French musician, singer-songwriter, actor, author and filmmaker. Regarded as one of the most important figures in French pop, he was renowned for often provocative and scandalous releases which cau...



Hungarian cellist

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GALLIGNANI Giuseppe (G-7)

09/01/1851, Faenza, Italy – 14/12/1923, Milano, Italy

Italian composer, conductor and music teacher. He graduated from Milan Conservatory. Author of the operas Il grillo del focolare (1873, one of the Christmas ...

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15 August 1918, Saigon, French Indochina – 13 August 1994, Paris, France

French violinist and composer. He studied violin and composition at the Conservatoire de Paris, and won the Prix de Rome in 1944. His works include a violin concerto and the symphony...

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GALLON Jean (G-9)

25/06/1878, Paris, France - 23/06/1959, same place

French composer, choir conductor, and music educator. His compositional output consists of six antiphons for strings and organ, one mass, one ballet, and several art songs. He was the elder brother...

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GALLOTTI Salvatore (G-10)

1856, Gallarate, Italy – 1928, Milano, Italy

Italian composer. Very prolific and inspired, he had no great luck and soon the memory of him and his music was lost. This was helped by the fact that he had only a very few of his many composition...

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GALLUS Jacob (G-11)

1550, Carniola, Holy Roman Empire – 18/07/1591, Prague, Bohemia

Late-Renaissance composer of presumed Slovene ethnicity.  Gallus's name has been Slovenianized as Jakob Petelin. Gallus most likely was educated at the Cistercian Stična Abbey in Carniola...

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GANNE Louis (G-12)

05/04/1862, Buxières-les-Mines, France – 13/071923, Paris, France

French conductor and composer of operas, operettas, ballets, and marches. He studied under César Franck and Jules Massenet at the Conservatoire de Paris. He con...

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GÄNSBACHER Johann (G-13)

08/05/1778, Sterzing, Tyrol – 13/07/1844, Vienna, Austria

Austrian composer. His father, a schoolmaster and teacher of music, undertook his son's early education, which the boy continued under various masters until 1802, when he became the pupil of t...

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06/10/1829 Vienna, Austria – 05/06/1911, same place

Austrian music educator. He was the son of the composer and conductor Johann Baptist Gänsbacher. After he graduated the University of Vienna with a doctorate in law he took sing...

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GARAGULY Carl von (G-15)

28/12/1900, Budapest, Austria-Hungary Empire – 18/10/1984, Stokholm, Sweden

Swedish violinist and conductor of Hungarian origin. Studied as a violinist with Henri Marteau, worked in orchestras in Sweden. In 1942-1953 he was the chief conductor of the Stockholm Philharmonic...

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