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FUX Johann Joseph (F-71)

1660, Hirtenfeld, Holy Roman Empire – 13/02/1741, Vienna, Austria

Austrian music theorist and composer. Fuchs' treatise "Gradus ad Parnassum" (Lat. "Steps to Parnassus", 1725), devoted to the theory and practice of counterpoint, retained the importance of an important musical and theoretical manual until the XX century. Fuchs is the author of 18 operas mainly on mythological subjects, including Orpheus and Eurydice (1715, Vienna), Fortitude and Strength (Costanza e fortezza; 1723, Prague) and Aeneas in Elysium (1731, Vienna), about 90 masses (the most famous is Missa canonica), 5 requiem, 57 compositions on the texts of the official (vespers, Te Deum, motets on the texts of psalms, etc.), 12 spiritual oratorios on Italian texts (including "La Deposzione dalla Croce"), 29 instrumental partitas and sonatas.

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