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FRIGEL Pehr (F-66)

02/09/1750, Kalmar, Sweden - 24/11/1842, Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish music teacher and composer. He developed good musical foundations in organ, piano and violin playing under director musices and organist Hans Björkman. He studied history and Greek in Uppsala also philosophy and theology with Gabriel Rosén, the chief preacher. Once in Stockholm, Frigel came into contact with the court conductors Francesco Antonio Uttini, Johann Gottlieb Naumann and Joseph Martin Kraus. The latter taught Frigel composition and came to have a great influence on Frigel's musical style. Among his compositions is especially the oratorio The Atonement on the Mount of Olives or Christi himmelsfärd (performed 1815 and 1820), with text by Samuel Ödmann. The oratorio was highly appreciated by contemporaries. In 1815, Crown Prince Karl Johan personally thanked the composer with a box of gold. The work is extensive with 24 movements and playing time of about 1 hour. 45 min. 

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