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FODOR Josefine (F-43)

13/10/1789 or 1793, Paris, France – 10/08/1870, Lyon, France

French 19th-century lyrical artist (soprano). She's the daughter of composer and violinist Josephus Andreas Fodor (1751–1828).  Her parents left France for Russia when she was only a few months old, emigrating probably because of the French Revolution. She grew up in Saint Petersburg where her father, a teacher of the imperial children, taught her the harp and piano. In 1810, she made her debut in Fioravanti's (1770–1837) opera "Le cantatrici villane" at the Impérial Opera of Saint Petersburg, singing in both Russian and French. She left Russia In 1812 after the French invasion of Russia and went to France via Finland. She performed in Paris, London, Naples and Venice. 


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