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FLESCH Carl (F-39)

09/10/1873, Moson, Austria-Hungary Empire - 15/11/1944, Luzern, Switzerland

Hungarian violinist and teacher. Flesch’s compendium Scale System is a staple of violin pedagogy. He was known for his solo performances in a very wide range of repertoire (from Baroque music to contemporary), gaining fame as a chamber music performer. He also taught in Bucharest (1897–1902), Amsterdam (1903–08), Philadelphia (1924–28) and Berlin (Hochschule fuer Musik, 1929–34). He published a number of instructional books, including Die Kunst des Violin-Spiels (The Art of Violin Playing, 1923) in which he advocated for the violinist as artist rather than merely virtuoso. Among his pupils were Charles Barkel, Edwin Bélanger, Norbert Brainin, Felix Galimir, Bronislaw Gimpel, Ivry Gitlis, Szymon Goldberg, Ida Haendel, Zvi (Heinrich) Haftel, Josef Hassid, Adolf Leschinski, Alma Moodie, Ginette Neveu, Yfrah Neaman, Ricardo Odnoposoff, Eric Rosenblith, Max Rostal, Henryk Szeryng, Henri Temianka, Roman Totenberg and Josef Wolfsthal, all of whom achieved considerable fame as both performers and pedagogues.

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