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ELMAN Mischa (E-13)

20/01/1891, Tal'noie, Kiev province, Russian Empire - 05/04/1967, New York, USA

Russian and American virtuoso violinist and composer. A child prodigy, has performed publicly since the age of 5. He studied violin at the Odessa Conservatory (since 1897 with A. Fidelman) and at the St. Petersburg Conservatory (since 1902 in the class of Leopold Auer). Since the age of 13, he has been a concert violinist, has made a number of tours in the Old and New World. He performed with triumph with the largest orchestras of the world (in particular, in America with the Russian Symphony Orchestra, 1908). In 1923 he took American citizenship. In 1924-1936 he became interested in chamber music, founded a successful Elman Quartet. As a composer, he wrote pieces for violin and piano, arrangements and arrangements of folk songs and works by various authors.

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