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ELLER Heino (E-11)

07/03/1887, Tartu. Lifland, Russia Empire - 16/06/1970, Tallinn, Estonia, URSS

Estonian and Soviet composer, violinist and teacher. In 1913-1915 and 1919-1920 he studied at the Petrograd Conservatory (composition class of V. Kalafati). He taught music theory and composition at the Higher Music School in Tartu (1920-1940) and the Tallinn Conservatory (since 1940 professor). The founder of the national style in Estonian instrumental music, the author of 3 symphonies, symphonic paintings and poems, a concert for violin and orchestra, 5 string quartets, numerous works for piano. People's Artist of the USSR (1967). His name was awarded to the Higher School of Music in Tartu. In 1998 the Heino Eller Prize was established, which is one of the highest awards in Estonia in the field of music.

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