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EGK Werner (E-4)

17/05/1901, Auchsesheim, Germany – 10/07/1983, Inning am Ammersee, Germany

German composer, born Werner Joseph Mayer. He studied at the Augsburg Conservatory, and used K. Orff's advice on composition. From 1929 he was a conductor in a number of theaters, in 1936-41 - at the Berlin State Opera, from 1941 he led the professional association of composers, in 1950-53 director of the Music school in West Berlin. President German Union of Composers (since 1950), German musical Council (1968-71). Acted as a music publicist. In the operas and symphonic compositions of Egk, there is a tangible kinship with the works of R. Strauss and I. F. Stravinsky (harmony and orchestration). The composer's achievements in the field of scenic are especially significant. Egk's talent was also manifested in the numerous opera librettos he wrote and the picturesque design of opera and ballet performances. The works of Egk were very popular in Nazi Germany. In 1933, he wrote the music for Kurt Eggers' National Socialist holiday performance. In 1936, the composer received the gold medal of the Art Competition at the XI Olympic Games in Berlin (nomination — orchestral music) for the work "Olympic festive Music".

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