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DELIBES Leo (D-23)

21/02/1836, Saint-Germain-du-Val, France – 16/01/1891, Paris, France

French Romantic composer, best known for his ballets and operas. His works include the ballets "Coppélia" (1870) and "Sylvia" (1876) and the opera "Lakmé" (1883), which includes the well-known "Flower Duet". The opera "Lacme" is considered the most outstanding opera of the composer. It tells about the love of a British officer and the daughter of an Indian priest, a servant of the cult of Brahma. The opera subtly conveys an oriental flavor, contrasted with the world of the British colonizers. Delibes wrote many romances, a mass, several children's choirs, a lyrical scene "La mort d'Orphée". Delibes' writings are world famous. 

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