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DARZINS Emils (D-14)

03/11/1875, Jaunpiebalga, Lifland, Russia - 31/08/1910, Riga, Lifland, Russia

Latvian composer, music critic, choral conductor. From 1897 he studied at the Moscow Conservatories, and later at the St. Petersburg Conservatories (in the composition classes of N.A. Rimsky–Korsakov and the organ of L.F. Gomilius), he did not graduate from both educational institutions due to illness and financial difficulties. Since 1901 – in Riga, one of the first authors of Latvian choral and solo songs. His works have great melodiousness, are imbued with deep emotionality. A prominent music critic and educator. He died after being hit by a train on the outskirts of the Latvian capital. The creative legacy of Darzinsha-composer is extremely small: he owns forty-three compositions, six of which are lost. Nevertheless, the vocal and choral compositions of E. Darzins have become national classics.

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