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17/01/1933, Cairo, Egypt - 03/05/1987, Paris, France

Italian-French singer and actress born in Egypt, real name Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti. First an actress, she made her debut in the film "A Glass and a Cigarette" by Niazi Mustapha in 1955. One year later, having signed with the Barclay record company, Dalida achieved her first success as a singer with Bambino. Following which, she became the most important seller of records in France between 1957 and 1961. Among her greatest sales successes: "Le jour où la pluie viendra", "Gigi l'amoroso", "J'attendrai". By the beginning of 1987, Dalida was entering into severe depression while trying to overcome it. On the night of 2–3 May 1987, Dalida committed suicide by overdosing on barbiturates. She left behind a note which read, "La vie m'est insupportable. Pardonnez-moi." ("Life is unbearable for me. Forgive me.")

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