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DABROWSKI Henryk (D-1)

29/08/1755, Pierzchów, Poland - 06/06/1818, Winna Góra, Posen, Prussia

Polish general and statesman, widely respected after his death for his patriotic attitude, and described as a national hero who spent his whole life restoring the legacy of Poland. Dąbrowski i...


DALAYRAC Nicolas-Marie (D-2)

08/06/1753, Muret, Haute-Garonne, France - 27/11/1809, Paris, France

French composer of the Classical period. He was nicknamed "the Musician poet". His first compositions were violin duos, string trios and quartets. He published them under a pseudonym with Ital...

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DALBERT Eugene (D-3)

10/04/1864, Glasgow, Scotland – 03/03/1932, Riga, Latvia

Scottish-born pianist and composer. Educated in Britain, d'Albert showed early musical talent and, at the age of seventeen, he won a scholarship to study in Austria. Feeling a kinship with Ger...

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17/01/1933, Cairo, Egypt - 03/05/1987, Paris, France

Italian-French singer and actress born in Egypt, real name Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti. First an actress, she made her debut in the film "A Glass and a Cigarette" by Niazi Mustapha in 1955...

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DAMROSCH Leopold (D-5)

22/10/1832, Posen (Poznan), Prussia – 15/02/1885, New York City, USA

German American orchestral conductor and composer. From 1856 he began performing as a virtuoso violinist and bandmaster in small German towns until he was invited by Liszt to the Weimar court ...

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DAMROSCH Walter (D-6)

30/01/1862, Breslau, Silesia, Prussia - 22/12/1950, New York City, USA

German-born American conductor and composer. Son of composer and conductor Leopold Damrosch. He is best remembered today as long-time director of the New York Symphony Orchestra and for conducting ...

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DANHAUSER Adolph (D-7)

26/02/1835, Paris, France – 09/06/1896, same place

French musician, educator, music theorist and composer. He won the Second Prix de Rome in 1863 and began to develop an interest in early music education while still at the Conservatoire. In 18...

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DANKO Pista (D-8)

13/07/1858, Szeged, Austro-Hungary Empire – 29/03/1903, Budapest, Austro-Hungary Empire

Hungarian-born bandleader and composer belonging to the Romani people. He was frequently known by the nickname "Nótafa", a Hungarian word meaning "ballad-singer of folk music". Sin...

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DAOLIO Augusto (D-9)

18/02/1947, Novellara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy – 07/101992, same place

Italian singer, poet, and painter. He is the founding member and frontman of I Nomadi band. The message that Nomadi has promoted from its beginning is of denunciation and social commitment, cl...

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DAQUIN Louie-Claude (D-10)

04/07/1694, Paris, France – 15/061772, same place

French composer of Jewish ancestry, writing in the Baroque and Galant styles. He was a virtuoso organist and harpsichordist. Daquin was a musical child prodigy. He performed for the court of L...

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DARCLEE Hariclea (D-11)

10/06/1860, Brăila, Moldavia and Wallachia - 12/01/1939, Bucharest, Romania

Celebrated Romanian operatic soprano who had a three-decade-long career. Darclée's repertoire ranged from coloratura soprano roles to heavier Verdi roles, including many in the Franco-I...

87 - Даргомыжский

DARGOMYZHSKY Alexander (D-12)

14/02/1813, Troitskoe, Tula region, Russia - 17/01/1869, St.Petersbourg, Russia

Russian composer, one of the founders of the realistic trend in Russian music. He received a versatile home education in literature, theater and music (singing, piano, violin). At the beginning of ...

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DARREN James (D-13)

Born 08/06/1936, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

American television and film actor, television director, and singer. Real name James William Ercolani. During the late-1950s and early-'60s, he had notable starring and supporting roles i...

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DARZINS Emils (D-14)

03/11/1875, Jaunpiebalga, Lifland, Russia - 31/08/1910, Riga, Lifland, Russia

Latvian composer, music critic, choral conductor. From 1897 he studied at the Moscow Conservatories, and later at the St. Petersburg Conservatories (in the composition classes of N.A. Rimsky–...

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DAVIA Anna (D-15)

16/10/1743, Genoa, Italy – 1810

Italian opera singer. In 1761, she debuted in the Italian Opera in Amsterdam, where she became a star. In 1777, she sang in Warsaw, and between 1779 and 1785, she was a celebrated primadonna i...

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