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CLAVÈ Joseph (C-62)

21/04/1824, Barcelona, Spain - 24/02/1874, same place

Spanish politician, composer and writer, founder of the choral movement in Catalonia and a promoter of the associative movement. He was the initiator of choral singing in Catalonia. Clavé was forced to earn a living by singing for coffee in taverns accompanied by a guitar, when he was 17 years old. The contact with the workers, gathering in those places, led him to take them out from the taverns and meet them in choral societies. He acquired notions of violin, flute and music theory, which allowed him to compose lyrics and music for songs. In 1845 he organized Aurora, a choral society that would later become La Fraternitat (The Fraternity), a society of mutual help and the first Iberian chorale. In 1857, Clavé renamed it Euterpe. The Euterpenses societies, spread throughout Catalonia and the Valencian Country were the origin of the Cors de Clavé.

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