BORODIN Alexander (B-113)

12/11/1833, St.Petersbourg, Russia - 27/02/1887, same place

Russian chemist and composer. As a child, he discovered musical talent, learned to play instruments – flute, piano and cello. In 1856 he graduated from the Medical and Surgical Academy. Since 1858-Doctor of Medicine. In the 1860s, he was engaged in scientific, pedagogical and social activities in St. Petersburg. From 1877 – Academician of the Medical and Surgical Academy. Author of more than 40 works on chemistry. In the 1850s, he began to write romances, piano pieces, chamber and instrumental ensembles. In 1862, he entered the Balakirev circle ("Mighty Bunch"). Due to the great employment of scientific, social and pedagogical activities, as well as high demands on the composer's work, almost every major work of the composer was created by him for several years. The creative heritage of the composer is relatively small in volume, but it is distinguished by high artistic merits. Borodin is the author of 3 symphonies, a symphonic picture, chamber and instrumental works (quartets, quintets, trios), works for piano, vocal lyrics (romances, satirical and humorous songs). The most significant work is the opera "Prince Igor" (1869-1887, not finished, completed by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov and A. K. Glazunov), which is an example of a national heroic epic in music.

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