BAUMANIS Karlis (B-35)

11/05/1835, Vilkene, Livonia, Russia - 10/01/1905, Limbazi, Livonia, Russia

One of the first Latvian composers, poet, playwrighter, teacher and journalist. In 1858 he left Livonia (future Latvia) for St. Petersburg. He taught German at the Smolny Institute and studied music in his spare time. In 1860 he received a permanent job as a teacher of German at the reformed school in St. Petersburg, where he worked for more than twenty years. In 1873 he wrote the words and music of the national anthem of the Republic of Latvia – "God bless Latvia!". He was an active participant of the Latvian national movement – the first Atmoda (before 1880) and, living in St. Petersburg, actively contributed to the organization of the 1st Ecumenical song festival (1873). He spent the last years of his life in Livonia, living in poverty. 

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