BATOV Ivan (B-34)

1767, Moscow region, Russia - 30/06/1841, St.Petersbourg, Russia

Russian master of stringed musical instruments, serf of the counts Sheremetev. Studied in Moscow with well-known master Vladimirov. From 1803 he lived in St. Petersburg. In 1822 he became free man. He produced violins, cellos, violas, double basses, pianos, and restored ancient instruments. Batov was the first Russian instrumental master who received the all-Russian and European recognition. His instruments were played by the famous virtuoso violinists Ferdinand Dietz, Charles Pierre Lafont, Karol Lipinski, cellist Bernard Romberg. 41 violin, 3 viola, 6 cellos and 10 guitars made by Batov are still in use. 

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