B-32/2. Music Festival "SashBash" Award medal "Time of bells" (2013)


Bashlachev's portrait surrounded by bells

АЛЕКСАНДР БАШЛАЧЕВ [Alexander Bashlachev]


Big broken bell with a figure of guitarist entering the gap

Lyrics for the song "Time of bells" is written on the bell


1. Festival "Sashbash" in memory of A. Bashlachev held since 2010. Since 2013 the festival awarded the medal "for the preservation and the continuation of rock-music poetic traditions."
2. "Time of bells" — a poem (and song) by A. Bashlachev, which became one of the symbols of Russian rock poetry of the 1980s.


Article: B-32/2
Type: Award medal
Year: 2013
Country: Russian Federation
Designer: PIKOVA N.
Metal: Bronze