B-28/94a. Centenaries of Bartok and Kodaly commemorative medal (1982)


Bartok at the piano

1881 / 1981

Bartok's signature over the image

..ZENEI.IHLETÖJE.TISZTA.FORRÁS..ESZMÉNYE.A.NÉPEK.TESTVÉRISÉGE. [Music inspired by a pure source - the brotherhood of peoples]

Medalier's mark at bottom left: PETERNÁK G.


Kodaly conducting

Kodaly's signature over the image

1882 / 1982

.NEM.MINDEGY.EMBERÖLTÖK.MULVA.MI.LESZ.A.ZENÉBEN. [It doesn't matter what happens in the music]

Article: B-28/94a
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1982
Country: Hungary
Designer: PETERNÁK Gustav (b.1928)
Metal: Bronze
Diameter: 43,0 mm
Edge: plain

Reference: Niggl #4149