B-4/98. Commemorative plaque "Bach" (w/d)


Half-lenght portrait en face inside round frame

Two lyras in upper corners

Inscription "BACH" on the strip under the portrait

Medalier's mark near the neck to the right: CABRAL ANTUNES


JOHANN SEBASTIAN / BACH / COMPOSITOR ALEMÃO E UM DOS MAIORES GÉNIOS QUE A MÚSICA LEGOU'A HUMANIDADE / 1685-1750 [Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer and one of the greatest genius that music bequeathed to the humankind]

Four lyras with laurel wreaths in corners and ornamentation closer to the edge around the image

Article: B-4/98
Type: Commemorative plaque
Year: 1970-80s
Country: Portugal
Designer: CABRAL ANTUNES Jose Maria (1916-1986)
Metal: Bronze
Dimensions: 74x74 mm
Edge: plain with inscription of serial number
Circulation: 150

Reference: Niggl #2386