A-2/1. Commemorative medal from the series «Galerie metallique des Grands hommes francais».


PIERRE – ABAILARD  [Peter Abelard] 

Right profile portrait of Abelard


NE / A PALAIS / PRES NANTES / EN M.LXXIX. / MORT / EN M.C.XXXXII. / GALERIE METALLIQUE / DES GRANDS HOMMES FRANCAIS / 1817. [Born in Le Palet near Nantes in 1079, died in 1142, Gallery in metal of famous Frenchmen]


Later re-strikes are possible


Article: A-2/1
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1817
Country: France
Mint: Paris
Designer: GAYRARD Raymond (1777-1858)
Metal: Bronze
Diameter: 41 mm
Weight: 39 gr
Edge: plain

Est. Value: $40-60
Reference: Niggl #1; Andorfer und Epstein #1