A-59/1b. Zurich man choir 75th Anniversary commemorative medal (1901)


Left profile portrait of Attenhofer

DR. KARL ATTENHOFER DIRECTOR DES MÄNNERCHORS ZÜRICH SEIT 1866 [Dr. Carl Attenhofer Head of Man Choir Zurich from 1866]

Medalier's signature under the shoulder: GEORGES HANTZ St.


Singers and musician with Zurich's cathedral behind

Encircling the image is wording: 75.STIFTUNGSFEST DES MÄNNERCHORS ZÜRICH - 1826-1901 [75th Anniversary of Man Choir Zurich]

Article: A-59/1b
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1901
Country: Switzerland
Designer: HARTZ Georges (1846-1889)
Metal: Silver
Diameter: 37,0 mm
Weight: 26,75 g
Edge: plain

Est. Value: $150
Reference: Niggl #30