ASIOLI Bonifazio (A-55)

30/04/1769, Correggio, Italy - 26/05/1832, same place

Italian composer of classical and church music. He was a child prodigy, he started to study music at five years of age and to compose (piano concerto) at eight. By the time he was eighteen, he had composed five masses, twenty-four other works for church and theatre, and many instrumental pieces. Asioli, is the author of many theoretical treatises on music. In 1787 he moved from Correggio to Turin where he resided for nine years, and in 1796 he accompanied the Duchess Gherardini to Venice, where he remained until 1799. He lived in Paris in 1810 in the service of the Empress Marie Louise, and remained there until the fall of the empire, when he returned to his native town.

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