A-49/1. Commemorative medal (1536)


Right profile portrait of Arnoldo

EIK - NARNOLDI A BRVCK - R R - M R - CANTORVS PRAESIDIS  1536 [Arnoldo von Bruck, cantors president]


OMNIA / QUE MUNDO / SVNT ORNATES / SIMA CESSANT / INGENI SOLVM / STATQUE MA / NET QUE / DE CVS [Everything that shines in the world in high-gloss, vanishes, but the Genius's Fame remains and stands alone] 

Article: A-49/1
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1536
Country: Holy Roman Empire
Mint: Prague
Designer: NEUFARER Ludwig (1500-1563)
Metal: Silver
Diameter: 58 mm

Reference: Niggl #29