A-47/19. Commemorative coin of France 1,5 euro "200th Anniversary of Louisiana purchase by the USA" (2003)


LIBERTE - EGALITE - FRETERNITE / RF / BICENTENAIRE DE LA CESSION DE LA LOUISIANE AUX ETATS-UNIS / EURO / 1 1/2 [Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood - Republic of France - 200th Anniversary of cession Louisiana to the USA]

President of the USA Thomas Jefferson and French First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte over the map of the USA and territories next to it.


Country view with a house, riverboat, Louis Armstrong playing trumpet

30 AVRIL 1803 / 2003 surrounded by mintmarks

Article: A-47/19
Type: Coin
Year: 2003
Country: France
Mint: Monnaie de Paris
Metal: Silver
Purity: .900
Diameter: 37,0 mm
Weight: 22,2 g
Edge: plain
Circulation: 5589
Proof: 5589

Est. Value: $45
Reference: KM #1336