A-31/3. Commemorative medal "A.A. Alyabiev" (1993)


Head en face

Inscription in circle by the edge: АЛЕКСАНДР АЛЕКСАНДРОВИЧ АЛЯБЬЕВ 1787 - 1851 [Alexander Alexanderovich Alyabiev]


Inscription in circle by the edge: СЛАВЕН ГРАД ТОБОЛЬСК - ГОД ОСНОВАНИЯ 1587 [Glorious city of Tobolsk was founded in 1587]

Musical instruments over sheets of note papers

Article: A-31/3
Type: Commemorative medal
Year: 1993
Country: Russian Federation
Mint: Moscow mint
Designer: PRAVOTOROV Gennady (b.1941)
Metal: Bronze
Diameter: 60,0 mm
Edge: plain
Circulation: 520

Est. Value: $30
Reference: Kokarev_Salykov: Russian & Soviet musicians in Medal Art, Moscow, 2016 (A-6/3)