A-24/1b. USSR award medal for the best patriotic musical opus


Head to the right

Signature of the composer


CCCР - 1970 [USSR - 1970]

Five-pointed star



1. The medal was established by the Ministry of culture of the USSR, the Main political Directorate of the Soviet Army and Navy and the Union of composers of the USSR.
2. The medal (one gold and one silver) was awarded annually to composers for the best musical works of all genres on the heroic and Patriotic theme. Among the awardees – B. Alexandrov (medal №1), M. Blanter, T. Khrennikov and others.
3. Medal with eyelet and ring are connected with a rectangular block, covered with silk moire ribbon width 24 mm. Tape – dark blue, fringed at the edges with two maroon stripes with a width of 4 mm.
4. Medals of different years are of the same type and differ from each other year of delivery (date is placed on the reverse).
5. In connection with the uniformity of the image is given only medals 1970.

Article: A-24/1b
Type: Award medal
Year: 1970
Country: USSR
Mint: Moscow mint
Metal: Silver
Diameter: 25,0 mm
Weight: 15,2 g

Reference: Kokarev_Salykov: Russian & Soviet musicians in Medal Art, Moscow, 2016 (A-4/1); Niggl #2357