A-1/9a. Commemorative coin 500 tenghe of Kazakhstan

From the serie "Portraits on national banknotes"


КАЗАКСТАН РЕСПУБЛИКАСЫ / РЕСПУБЛИКА КАЗАХСТАН / 500 тенге [Kazakhstan Republic - in Kazakh and Russian / 500 tenghe]

Arms of Kazakhstan


Portrait of Abai taken from the 1993 banknote 20 tenghe


Сoin was the result of the work of a group of artists V.P.Ivzhenko, A.G.Bassenov, E.T.Akhmetov, O.S.Stoll

Article: A-1/9a
Type: Coin
Year: 2015
Country: Kazakhstan
Mint: Kazakhstan mint in Ust-Kamenogorsk
Designer: Ivzhenko V.P.
Metal: Gold
Purity: .999
Diameter: 21,87 mm
Weight: 7,78 g
Edge: ribbed
Circulation: 1.000
Proof: 1.000

Est. Value: $350
Reference: Kokarev_Salykov: Russian & Soviet musicians in Medal Art, Moscow, 2016 (A-1/13)